Nonprofits are no different than any other business type when it comes to increasing their brand exposure. One way to do this is to use video marketing.

Videos can get your message across in different ways than other marketing methods. People like to watch videos – it’s a nice change of pace from the constant sea of text that constantly flows in front of our faces.

Keep your videos short but to the point. If you have a long video that needs to be seen, break it up into smaller chunks or “chapters” that your viewers can watch at their own pace.

Videos recorded by non-professionals give an air of imperfection and a human touch to your organization. Your donors and prospects will tend to believe your message more with this personal touch.

You can also use videos to bring face-to-face events to your supporters giving your event a wider outreach. This gives what you’re doing and what you’re organizing more transparency. This is an exceptional point for organizations who are farther away.