Daycare License Requirements for Indiana

    Worker requirements

    Must be at least 18 and have a high school education or equivalent. If working with an infant/toddler group, must be at least 21 and have a high school education or equivalent, and 1 year experience.


    Provider / Child Ratio

    Age Range Ratio For Daycare Centers
    2 years(1:5)
    3 years(1:10)
    4 years(1:12)
    5 years(1:15)
    6 years and up(1:20)


    Age Range Ratio For Family Child Care
    Birth to 24 months(1:6) [two of the 6 children must be at least 16 months and walking. Otherwise the ratio is 1:4]
    Birth to 6 years(1:10) [No more than 3 of the 10 children may be under sixteen months of age and must be walking]
    3-10 years(1:12)
    All ages(1:12) [the maximum capacity in a child care home is 1:12 plus 3 children during the school year who are enrolled at least in Grade 1]


    Indiana Family & Social Services Administration

    Division of Family and Children

    Bureau of Child Development – Licensing Section

    402 W. Washington Street, Room W-386

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    For center-based child-care call:

    Phone: 317-232-4469

    For Family Child Care call:

    Phone: 317-232-4521 or 317-234-2100

    Fax: 317-234-1513

    Web site:


    Regulation child care home

    Regulation or child care centers

    Indiana Child Care Associations:

    Indiana Childcare Association – ICA

    Indiana Association of Licensed Child Care Centers – IALCCC

    Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children – Indians AEYC

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