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Three-day weekends like Labor Day or President’s Day can be relaxing and fun. Then comes Tuesday—back to the grind. Your return to work doesn’t have to be excruciating, though. Follow these tips from a recent Time magazine article to get back into the swing of things without undue trauma: Show up early. Get a jump […]

You can’t accomplish ambitious goals without the right kind of information—and the right amount of it. Be careful not to get buried in data that’s irrelevant. To become a conscientious consumer of news and information, follow this advice:   Don’t read everything. You simply can’t absorb everything that’s out there. Concentrate on prioritizing data, handing […]

Management is never easy, especially when you find yourself dealing with people who are very difficult to manage. Some people can be aggressive, while others are actually not aggressive enough; likewise some people can be very talented but bad at collaboration while others are excellent at collaborating but lack much in the way of genuine […]

It can be difficult for students to maintain organization of their work over the course of the school year. With so many tests, projects and assignments, it is far too easy for some things to get mislaid in all of the chaos and without proper maintenance these losses can end up turning into catastrophic situations. […]