2014_08_toddlerNothing seems more annoying than a whining child, even when it’s your own kid. Here are some methods for cutting down on the turmoil—and maybe ending the whining for good:


  • Teach them appropriate behavior. When children whine, tell them to ask for what they want without tears or hysterics. Then teach them how to accept your answer without whining as well.
  • Don’t give in. Children shouldn’t get what they want when they whine. If it’s something they legitimately need, have them wait five minutes before asking you for it again.
  • Keep a united front. If you decide to ignore a whining child, then make sure your spouse/partner and relatives do the same.
  • Reward improvement. Keep track of your child’s ability to ask for what he or she wants without whining. Keep the chart in his or her room so both of you can focus on your child’s improvements.